Computing with Different Orders of Symbols:

Signs as Tokens for Values + Signs as Tokens for Operations
Or, Using Symbols that Mean and Symbols that Do

Some Simple JavaScript Examples

Using JavaScript to answer the question:
What is the value of the string object (in quotes):

  • "Computers are useless; they only give you answers."


Examples of Encoding Basic Interaction (in JavaScript)

JavaScript is a set of interactive functions that we use all the time to communicate actions into the software for all kinds of symbolic processes that can happen locally (in our browser/app software) and across the Internet.

Examples: change the HTML content (replace one set of representations with another) or initiate other software actions through the interactive elements in a Web browser or app.


Another Example: Use Code Instructions to Create a Button to Perform an Action (Display Date and Time)



What are the different symbolic levels in the following uses:

  • Use the words "Georgetown University" in an ordinary sentence.
  • Use the words "Georgetown University" in writing.
  • Use the character string "Georgetown University" in a word processing document/file.
  • Represent the chracters as ASCII code or other internal computer code?
  • Use the character string "Georgetown University" in an HTML file displayed in a browser.
  • Encode the character string "Georgetown University" in an HTML file as a hypertext link to the website for Georgetown University displayed in a browser.